Hey, Morgan Nominated For 2 LA Weekly Awards!

On April 2, L.A. Weekly will honor the best work on our small stages from 2011 at the 33rd annual L.A. Weekly Theater Awards. Lauren Ludwig directs music/sketch comedy troupe Lost Moon Radio, hosts of the Greek bash at the Avalon in Hollywood. The event will be a replication of the first-ever theater awards ceremony, circa 450 B.C., honoring Dionysus, god of fertility and wine.

The dress code is togas (if you insist on bringing out that leather jacket or cocktail dress, be sure to tuck your toga underneath it). Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:30. Buffet after. Come party with us. Tickets cost $25 and will go on sale Feb. 23. Nominees may RSVP at any time at the Theater Awards hotline:  (310) 574-7208. To find out if you are a nominee, click here.

This year’s nominees, as voted by our theater critics, are as follows:


Blackbird, Rogue Machine at Theatre/Theater

Day Drinkers, Gary Guidinger, Linda Toliver and the Odyssey Theatre

Small Engine Repair, Rogue Machine at Theatre/Theater

The War Cycle: Gospel According to the First Squad, Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble at Powerhouse Theatre

Way to Heaven, Odyssey Theatre


Bash’d, Celebration Theatre

Cyclops:A Rock Opera, Psittacus Productions at Son of Semele/Pasadena Playhouse

Gypsy, West Coast Ensemble at Theatre of Arts

Hey, Morgan!, Black Dahlia Theatre

Re-Animator The Musical, Red Hen Productions and Schramm Group LLC at the Steve Allen Theater


Lindsay Allbaugh, 100 Saints You Should Know, Elephant Theater Company

Bernardo Bernardo, The Romance of Magno Rubio, PAE Live at [Inside] the Ford

Andrew Block, Small Engine Repair

Robin Larsen, Blackbird

Paul Plunkett, Endgame, Sacred Fools Theater Company

Ron Sossi, Way to Heaven


Louis Butelli, Cyclops: A Rock Opera

Stuart Gordon, Re-Animator The Musical

Richard Israel, Gypsy

Ameenah Kaplan, Bash’d

Matt Shackman, Hey, Morgan!

Rick Sparks, I Love Lucy Live on Stage, Greenway Court Theatre